Your inner peace – your greatest treasure


psychologyThe best moments in life you can have – you can spend in your own company! That’s right – you are, actually, your best friend! Nothing is more important in life than inner peace, inner harmony, your inner balance. No money and no people can be as stable as your own true self if you manage it properly. This is your way to success in every aspect of life.


Inner peace is a special state of your inner world which remains undisturbed by any circumstances. Easier said than done – you can say. Well, not quite. Of course, it’s not possible not to react to anything happening around you. But if you observe your every day life with a bit of attention you’ll see that there is a lot going on around you, but only a few things really matter. Only several events in one week have real long-term consequences for your future. That is exactly what you should pay attention to. If you met some people who offended you, or tried to ruin your plans for the day you can say to yourself that these are little obstacles on your way to success in everything.
psychologyIf you will notice and get back at everyone “barking” at you, you’ll never get anywhere. If you’ll complain about every little matter you will eventually convince yourself that you are a failure. It does really matter what you say – not only to others, but to yourself even more! Don’t waste your precious time on useless complaints. You’ll make yourself weaker. You don’t want that, right?

Inner peace is an indispensable thing because everything else in the world is unstable – economy, relationships, health, your plans… What is stable then and why is it important to have it?
psychologyYour inner balance is the one thing you can actually influence, no matter who tells you what. I’m not saying that it’s easy, but who told you that the life was so? You can either choose to react to the circumstances and then complain that your life sucks, or you can learn to be stronger and manage your it yourself. And the last one means mastering your own inner peace.

What does it mean to have inner peace and be peaceful? Does it mean to be ignorant and phlegmatic? No, not at all. It means that you have your own opinion, you take your time to make it, you don’t get easily influenced by other people and you stay calm in difficult situations in life because you know that tomorrow will be another day.
psychologyIf there are some people that challenge your inner balance you should carefully consider if you need them in your life. If you can get rid of them – do. Your self-esteem will gain more from it. If those people belong to your family and you are bound with them for the rest of your life – avoid them but don’t offend. Take it as a challenge that needs to be overcome. You grow and develop as a person through these experiences. Take your time to relax (take a warm bath, read a book) in order to be with yourself for a while. I’ve never meditated but I think that it is what meditation is all about. By finding your inner harmony you recreate yourself and prepare for a more wise attitude towards the problems in your life.
psychologyI was sometimes confronted with a problem that there are some people in my life that I was not sure about. If they called me and asked to go out and have a drink I sometimes was unsure whether I should accept the invitation. When I thought about another evening spent with them where they complain about their relationships, their exhausting work and the constant boredom I thought it would be much better for me to spend this evening with a book/movie and just relax. Because those people are contagious. Most of them just complain. Most of them are only preoccupied with themselves and the worst thing is – they are kind of stealing you energy by pouring out their unhappiness son you!
psychologyBe your own best friend! At first, it will feel weird. Then you’ll get used to it because you’ll see the infinite values of it. After, you’ll only accept the people into your circle who are really contributing to your life instead of stealing your time and energy. The price for it will be the great inner balance and peace, which is the major positive factor in your life. It is the only friend that will stay for ever on your side!

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