Why is this evil society good for your personality? By Isabella


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Many of us complain that they are often misunderstood by others. It happens at work, at home – anywhere. Why, if we generally like communication with people, we often meet with negative results? Our government usually doesn’t really care for us. Our neighbours only want to gossip. And our boss at work uses every opportunity to show his evil side?

Let’s look deeper into the issue.

I, personally, support the Darwin’s idea about the natural selection of the fittest species on the planet. It may sound harsh or out-dated to you. But I think it’s the way life works nowadays, too.

There is always competition between people, they try to earn more, to do less and do it as fast as they can. If you consider this and try to imagine how it influences the society we live in – it will be clear to you that no matter what country, region or situation you observe there is always at least some vibe of hostility present. Of course, people smile to each other, celebrate common holidays and such. But they always notice when someone stands out of the crowd. And they are seldom happy for the person.

The politicians always tell you that “will do anything in their power” to make your life easier. We only wonder afterwards where is the result. We only see that the prices have risen, more people are unemployed and more children need child support they won’t get.

Why is it so?

I need to say that I don’t think that everyone is evil around you. No. But the way our life is organised prevents us from being more open and generous if we would wish to be.

Imagine, that if we would all be really equal to each other in every aspect of life there would be no need for the occupations in life that we have now. There would be no service (because if you serve – you are no equal to the one you serve to), no managers (if you manage – you are superior to them), and we all would get the same salary for the same kind of effort we brought into our work. We would all be equally happy, equally healthy, equally dressed and looking all the same.

Would it not be terribly boring? It would be peaceful, yes, but we would all be bored to death.

A human nature always seeks some development, you know. In anything – profession, relationships, self-growth, hobbies and such. It’s a natural inclination to rise a bit higher than others. It is not necessarily hostility. It’s a tendency to grow as a person. So, if it is the case, we are predestined to be unequal if we want to develop differently which brings us to different salaries, professions and, as a consequence, different lifestyle.

Nowadays, life has become faster and, as a result, more cruel to us. It is our fault. We want to earn more, to compete, to become more free from our obligations. So, we have to think more, try and fail – and be more stressed out. The constant stress brings us to depression, and then  – to broken families, conflicts, self-doubt. There you go! Here is the reason for the hostility in our society.

What should you do?

Appreciate it! Yes, you understood correctly. It is a good thing. If you have to become stronger and wiser you will always enjoy your life because there will be ups and downs. You cannot enjoy it if there are only ups because you’ll get used to them and your life will become meaningless and you’ll want to kill yourself.  If you failed in something – learn from the mistake, never blame others – it won’t get you anywhere. And enjoy your victories! It makes you feel alive!

I will enjoy them with you!

Good luck!

Your society observer,


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    Hello to the author and all those people, still to come and write here
    you write very
    Interesting and it's right as a woman it is  not s easy, especially in business life
    I am a teacher by profession and I must say 
    it's not different it is only fighting about vacation, overtime, classes and so on
    Thank you for your contribution

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