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DSCF1102 (2)As a designer I enjoy it the most when I can offer you my newest wedding collection. The beauty of a white gown is amazing, indescribable and always inspiring. I cannot say that it necessarily represents the “eternal” marriage for me. No, it has a different significance. Maybe, it’s because the white colour is so special. It makes the woman look like an angel – innocent.




The socialite

This is not the dress that every girl would dare to wear on her wedding day. Some might say – it’s too short, too provocative. But if you are a socialite and want to gain a lot of attention there are no limits to the imagination.

Jacqueline is wearing a tight little dress with many accessories. She is a very confident woman and can afford to put on something like that. The dress also has sleeves and a big flower on the skirt. A tiny belt and the decoration at the bottom show the social standing of the girl.

The amazing expensive veil is quite long and is makes the bride look like a queen in her coronation procession.



















With love,

Your fashion designer,


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    Thank you, Samantha!
    I’m happy to make more picture after having seen such comments!


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    Beautiful!! Your photos are all gorgeous!!! =D

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