Wedding Fashion. The second marriage


Barbie fashion (52)As a designer I enjoy it the most when I can offer you my newest wedding collection. The beauty of a white gown is amazing, indescribable and always inspiring. I cannot say that it necessarily represents the “eternal” marriage for me. No, it has a different significance. Maybe, it’s because the white colour is so special. It makes the woman look like an angel – innocent.

The second marriage

This dress is designed for a woman that has already had her first marriage behind her. Let’s not be too sentimental. Marriages do end, and sometimes we think of remarrying. Well, that’s life and there is nothing to be sorry about. The good news is that we can wear a new dress! Isn’t it great?

Anais is presenting the dress that says  – the woman is not so romantic anymore. She knows her limits and wants her dress to be more classy than lavish and impressive. I used good fabric and golden accessories to match with the green eyes of the model. Her extremely long hair is pinned up but visible enough to see that it’s gorgeous. The whole dress is folded but shows that the woman still has a perfect tiny waist. Feathers and fur add a noble look to the lady’s style.

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