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As a designer I enjoy it the most when I can offer you my newest wedding collection. The beauty of a white gown is amazing, indescribable and always inspiring. I cannot say that it necessarily represents the “eternal” marriage for me. No, it has a different significance. Maybe, it’s because the white colour is so special. It makes the woman look like an angel – innocent.

The rich lady

This lady is going for the stylish, exclusive design that not everyone can afford. The dress reflects her style, social position, taste and self-confidence. No matter how successful her marriage will turn out, no one will forget what she looked like on her wedding day!

The dress on Elaine is closely fitted and shows her feet just a bit. The skirt is decorated with beautiful white roses that remind us a little bit of a, well – wedding cake… Right?

A large white fan, made of the same fabric as the dress, is on the lady’s back, creating an unusual style. A little white belt shows us the tiny waist.

Who wouldn’t marry her?

Barbie fashion (79)Barbie fashion (80)Barbie fashion (81)Barbie fashion (73)Barbie fashion (74)Barbie fashion (75)Barbie fashion (76)Barbie fashion (77)Barbie fashion (78)

Taste is the best friend of a woman!

Your fashion designer,


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    Thank you, Samantha!
    Takes a lot of effort to do all this, but afterwards it’s rewarding to see that you all like the dolls!


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    Gorgeous, I love your pictures!
    Greetings! ^_^

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