Wedding Fashion. A dancer’s dress


Barbie fashion (60)As a designer I enjoy it the most when I can offer you my newest wedding collection. The beauty of a white gown is amazing, indescribable and always inspiring.

I cannot say that it necessarily represents the “eternal” marriage for me. No, it has a different significance. Maybe, it’s because the white colour is so special. It makes the woman look like an angel – innocent.

A dancer is getting married

A classic wedding dress will always remain classic, no doubt. But what if a bride wants to wear a dress that also shows her profession. Say, Stéphanie was a dancer. That would be the kind of dress she would wear. What do you think?

The dress has the typical dancer’s silhouette and is decorated with narrow chains of precious glittery stones. She wears them also on her forehead which adds a bit oriental look. Stéphanie is open to many foreign cultures so this dress reflects her personality, as well.
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