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The West and the East are always in a conflict. It is sad because there are so many wonderful ideas we can share with each other! If one culture enriches the other they both win in the end!

west eastThe Western culture is famous for being technically advanced, financially successful, ambitious, free-spirited, sometimes provocative, well organised. These qualities helped Hollywood to flourish and to promote its culture. Let’s face it the world wouldn’t be the same without those films and music which represent the face of the Western culture. But it also has some negative qualities – it’s too obsessed with sex, money and other things that do make our lives difficult sometimes and promote the wrong values to our children.

west east

The Eastern culture is more reserved, less provocative, more deep in its philosophy, has more hierarchy in its society, spiritual, sometimes mysterious and not that obvious. It makes this culture more interesting in many aspects (no matter where – in paintings, books, music, religion) because we have to look for the answers to our questions. This mystery is visible everywhere – in those modest clothes, rather closed communities, people who always know there place in the society.

These two cultures are quite opposed to one another. It is always interesting to observe when we can see cases where they can complete each other – in art, business, family. Because every one of them hides its uniqueness. I recommend you to take the best out of every of them and you’ll see how well it can work. One of the best examples of that can be those countries like the US, Great Britain, France, where art is created by people from very different cultural backgrounds and we see how much those countries have accomplished by combining those diverse cultural influences!

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