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I, Simone, start my regular travel reviews about some cities that I’ve visited. Don’t be surprised with my choice – I start with Prague, which is my favourite city in Europe. I think Prague is the perfect city for travel – it’s beautiful, romantic, not expensive, has a long history. I visited it several times and it always leaves a kind of a fresh impression in me!

The area where the current city is situated dates back to 200BC. But the city in its modern form was built in approximately 800. The central position of the city in Europe made in very attractive for traders. The region also became the seat of the dukes and kings of Bohemia.


When you’re in Prague you cannot miss visiting the famous Prague Castle, which is beautifully situated right on the high mountain in the centre of the city. It occupies a huge area and has a large garden which offers a breath-taking view of the whole city, as if it’s under your feet! Prague Castle’s main attraction is also its cathedral, which was founded in 1344 and was completed only in the 20th century.

Charles Bridge is the masterpiece of architecture which connects the two parts of the city – the old one with the new. It is a huge black bridge where you always can see many tourists and buy souvenirs. By the way, their souvenir shops often offer the elegant Czech crystal and porcelain. It is very beautiful and not too expensive.

The great thing about Prague is its size – you can actually visit many places in one day without spending hours on a road. Their tube consists only of three lines and is very easy understand. I heard that Prague is also one of the safest cities in Europe, which is a big deal if you travel, right?

My favourite part when I am in Prague is their food. The best dessert that I’ve eaten so far (and I’ve eaten a lot of them, believe you me!) is in the restaurant-café “Slavia” that is not far from the Prague Castle on the river bank. It has the most amazing food for a middle-class tourist and it is not expensive, at all. Moreover, you can admire the river looking out of the large windows, which is magnificent especially in the New Year’s Eve! You can try the dessert which is called “Slavia pancakes with ice-cream, strawberries and basil” it’s absolutely amazing!



The whole town has many very different streets – some small (typically European), others larger and more industrial. But there is always a sense of some peace and friendliness that you won’t see as much in Paris or London, because they are too large for it. Prague has this unique image of being a capital, but not dangerous, a big city – but not too expensive, Eastern – but not too much.


Prague has something from Paris – in its romantic atmosphere, from Moscow – in its large streets in some areas, from Amsterdam – in its nice river Vltava. Prague is easy to find on the map, and… difficult to forget!

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