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Heidi - LuxuryMany people are envious. Why is that? Well, because they think that they’re missing out on some aspects of their life and they think when they see someone that the other person has more. It is a big problem and the reason is not that other people really have so much more than we do. The problem is that we feel that way. And this shows that we have some confidence issues. To have a lot of money, friends, time-consuming job and many kids might not be the best lifestyle for everyone.

lifestyleI often meet people who envy others, especially, for the money. People believe that having money is the key to every problem and the possibility to be happy in life. What they forget is that having money is not that easy. You have to plan your expenses, too. You just have to be more careful, because if you lose the money you had it will be very painful – it’s one thing to lose $500 and quite another to lose $50000, right? Maybe, that’s why rich people often look very stressed out and reserved. They don’t trust anyone (and they really shouldn’t), because as long as you don’t have much money you don’t have to be afraid of those flattering faces. Now you don’t know who your real friend is. And it’s quite a problem to find a shoulder to cry on if you have a relationship issue, health problem and such (you will still have those problems, even if you’re rich!).

lifestyleAnother important thing is health. Today everyone is on a diet, tries to eat healthy food and do at least some amount of exercise. The result is still that many people are obese, depressed and don’t look fit. The root of this trouble is our emotional state – we live in a capitalistic culture that tells us only to work, and never to actually live and enjoy our life. Career is the key word of our century. Of course, we get depressed. Believe me, no matter what products you’ll use for your meals if you are upset it won’t help you to feel good. Try to find a balance for yourself – not every job is great if it brings a lot of money but you don’t have time for your family or yourself and feel guilty and exhausted at the end of the day. It can’t go on for long! Maybe, it’s better to have a moderately paid job but still be able to spend some time and money on other stuff.


For God’s sake, don’t buy anything a fashion magazine tells you to. It’s not for everyone, either. A fashion magazine teases you with the clothes you might be able to wear if you looked like Gisele Bündchen, or Heidi Klum. If you don’t, then you should carefully consider what you’re buying, because this is the main reason we end up having a lot of stuff in our closets we don’t really wear afterwards. You don’t have to follow every fashion designer  – their designs are usually for celebrities who can afford to pull up their face onto their butt to look younger. You, don’t have the problem of constant worrying “What if the media will trash me tomorrow because of this wrinkle on my right hand?!” Relax, the best thing is when you can afford to look your age. It’s freaky to look like a robot after a plastic surgery. You can belong to the people who get old beautifully because they look happy! It makes them beautiful!


Spend time with real friends and not with those who want something from you. Yes, I agree it’s hard to find them. But at the end of the day you’ll get tired of all this useless talk about the things that don’t mean anything for you. Find a couple of friends that truly share your hobby, understand you job problems, have kids of the same age… Your communication with them will bring you much more. I can tell you because I’m enjoying the same when I see people who share my interests. Because if there are others who just pretend to be interested in me – I feel tension. And this tension is another kind of stress that makes us more dissatisfied with our lives. Nothing is better for you as seeing the person in front of you saying “Yes, you’re right! I thought the same just yesterday!” And you feel their sincerity.

Your right lifestyle = looking around (in magazines and internet) and selecting the things that are suitable for you, not for everyone else. Try what’s best for your life and you will feel happy and content.

If you can share your experiences with finding the right lifestyle I will really appreciate it!

Your lifestyle advisor,


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