The real female friendship


The true friendship is a rare thing, especially between women.

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It is often spoiled by envy, unnecessary long conversations, gossip and competition. Many women try to survive in the harsh world of men and sometimes they use methods that are neither successful, nor productive.  How can you choose a girlfriend and not be afraid that she will betray you?  There is a list of qualities you can look for:

1. she is selfless and is not afraid to give more that she receives;

2. she doesn’t say nasty things about you behind your back;

3. if you had a conflict she doesn’t discusses it with others, who aren’t involved in the situation;

4. you share your opinion about life and have many things in common;

5. she is sad when you have problems and she can be truly happy for you if you succeed!

6. She is really happy for you, even at your wedding!

Your relationship advisor, Mona

Mona. Relationships

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