The meaning of royalty today. By Astrid


Astrid 4Almost everyone agrees nowadays that royalty is out-dated. We don’t need kings and queens because we have presidents and prime ministers. So, why then people still hold on to these titles? What makes the crowd cheer up the Queen of England or the Princess Viktoria of Sweden on her wedding day? Let’s find out! I’m Astrid, will take you through this little journey!

I seldom believe when people tell me that they are not interested in what is going on in those huge castles all over Europe and that they don’t care about what the royalty is actually doing on the throne. The nature of people has always been inclined to respect people who had higher social standing. It is not bad, not weak. It is absolutely normal. Subconsciously we think that those people above us have power and respect because it is the natural order of society to admire the upper class.

But why do we not admire just the rich and famous the way we do with the royals? Why?

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Well, first of all, we fell that the royal family has ancient history. It is always fascinating to the general public today to feel connected to the past in some way. We enjoy epic movies, we are eager to learn about how the life was in those old days when we didn’t have a computer and a mobile phone. A king had to choose his decisions really carefully because he had the risk of being beheaded, like it was in England in 1649. If a king had to marry he was able to choose a woman he liked, if his parents didn’t insist on marrying a woman of their choice, but he always had to consider the political implications of it later. A marriage had to produce a male heir which sometimes drove the queens to death because of the bad medical equipment of those days. Nowadays, we can admire the newly born babies of the royal families and are happy to see our favourite princesses in good health.
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One of the biggest days of every royal family is the coronation procession. A new king or queen assumes their power on the throne. What can be more beautiful and royal? Except for the royal  wedding… But that we’ll talk about later. The coronation procession shows us the new sovereign in all their power before their people. No matter whether we like this person or not, it is a big day for the whole country and we are happy to be a part of it, anyway. It shows us that our country has something to hold on to, something to rely on, at least on paper. We feel proud because our country managed to keep its traditions until today, although, they might not have their own political power anymore. This might also be the reason, why the Americans admire the European tradition of having royalty on the throne. Because it is magical, and it doesn’t exist in the US. So, automatically, it fascinates people.
Every wedding always becomes a spectacle in its best sense when we see the bride appearing before everyone in her beautiful dress. We can only imagine how much more magical it gets when it’s a royal bride. We observe every little detail of her dress, her jewellery, her shoes… We wish that the couple will be happy just because we cannot imagine it differently while looking at their wedding! Isn’t it a great thing? Even when you are on the streets on a usual day, and you see some bride and groom taking their picture on some romantic spot and you see how happy they are, you cannot not be happy for them, even just a little bit. Many papers wrote before the wedding of the Prince of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock that they could not be happy because of the Prince’s past adventures with women and so on. But so many people watched the wedding, and the dress of the bride was so beautiful that we only could believe in their happiness on the wedding day.


So, let’s not talk about who would be a greater decision-maker for the country. Politicians are all the same – they start by promising, continue by “trying” and end up by failing us. But the royalty represents the only thing that politicians seldom have – respect of their people.

Your royal observer,


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