This is post 16 of 16 in the series “Wedding fashion” An ideal bride should: not be nervous on her wedding day, invite only those guests who are really happy for her, select the bridal gown that shows her best! Follow me


Today Barbie Fantasies celebrates One Year Anniversary! I’ve prepared this little presentation below, reminding you of the best things I’ve published so far on my blog. I’m happy that you like my photos and will continue my efforts with other adaptations! I also have some news: I will create a little shop soon where you’ll […]



This is post 8 of 16 in the series “Wedding fashion” This bride prefers a quick wedding without much to plan. She is young, she is preparing to follow her career and she doesn’t have as much time as other brides do to choose a wedding gown. But she also wants to look tasteful and […]



Almost everyone agrees nowadays that royalty is out-dated. We don’t need kings and queens because we have presidents and prime ministers. So, why then people still hold on to these titles? What makes the crowd cheer up the Queen of England or the Princess Viktoria of Sweden on her wedding day? Let’s find out! I’m […]



This is post 1 of 16 in the series “Wedding fashion” As I am a descendant of several European noble families myself, I can assure you that I’ve attended several royal weddings. This is not easy for a royal bride to choose her wedding gown. It should not only be beautiful, white, and of good […]

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