This is post 17 of 17 in the series “Women's fears”   Britney – How can I be so self-confident like you? I envy you! You always know what to do, your never look at what others think of you. How do you do that?   Solange – It’s rather easy. You just have to […]


This is post 13 of 15 in the series “TV Characters” Heidi, Lauren, Whitney, Audrina are friends.   Whitney and Audrina   Lauren and Whitney have an internship together.     Everything went great until Heidi and Lauren’s friendship became a complete disaster. But everything is an experience in life – you have illusions about […]


This is post 28 of 31 in the series “Barbie Fantasies Life. Christine's wedding anniversary” Charles and Christine are spending their wedding anniversary in Carlsbad. BARBIE FANTASIES LIFE WILL BE CONTINUED TOMORROW! Follow me

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