This is post 2 of 15 in the series “TV Characters” Dawson’s Creek is one of my favourite TV series. It has depth, romance, sense, good script and a quite challenging language sometimes. So, I recreated some of the characters here. Enjoy! Click on the post name to view the presentation. Don’t forget to share! […]



This is post 17 of 17 in the series “Pride and Prejudice” Happy for all her maternal feelings was the day on which Mrs. Bennet got rid of her two most deserving daughters. With what delighted pride she afterwards visited Mrs. Bingley, and talked of Mrs.Darcy, may be guessed. Follow me



This is post 16 of 17 in the series “Pride and Prejudice” ‘Mr. Darcy, I am a very selfish creature, and for the sake of giving relief to my own feelings care not how much I may be wounding yours. I can no longer help thanking you for your unexampled kindness to my poor sister. […]



This is post 15 of 17 in the series “Pride and Prejudice” It was too early in the morning for visitors, and besides, the equipage did not answer to that of any of their neighbours. It was Lady Catherine de Bourgh. She entered the room with an air more than usually ungracious, made no other […]



This is post 14 of 17 in the series “Pride and Prejudice” A few days after this visit, Mr. Bingley called again, and alone. He came, and in such very good time that the ladies were none of them dressed. In ran Mrs. Bennet to her daughter’s room, in her dressing gown, and with her […]


This is post 2 of 29 in the series “Fashion” Hello, everyone! I had a business mood recently and thought that my dolls reflect that, too. Some of them looked like they’ve got a profession, just like us, ordinary people. I chose some professional areas that I thought show the modern woman. Look at my […]


Here is my new collection of Barbie Supermodels. SHE IS a supermodel who: · does not sell herself for her looks · is self-confident · enjoys her beauty but does not take pride in it · only participates in a fashion show where she wears what she likes and not what she is told to […]



This is post 1 of 16 in the series “Wedding fashion” An ideal bride should: not be nervous on her wedding day, invite only those guests who are really happy for her, select the bridal gown that shows her best! Follow me

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