This is post 4 of 13 in the series “Musical” In the kitchen Starring in musicals is so much fun! The most gifted girls from Barbie Fantasies will show some moves. Follow me


This is post 1 of 13 in the series “Movie Characters” Mary, David and Natalie.   When David married Mary everyone could think that nothing could be more perfect – rich, beautiful wife, successful Wall Street career. Everybody envied him. But soon his marriage became just a joke because of a cold and distant wife. […]


This is post 4 of 4 in the series “TV Characters. The Borgia women” Lucrezia Borgia (18 April 1480 – 24 June 1519) was the daughter of Pope Alexander VI and Vanozza dei Cattanei. Her brothers included Cesare Borgia, Giovanni Borgia, and Gioffre Borgia. Lucrezia’s family later came to epitomize the ruthless Machiavellian politics and […]


This is post 3 of 4 in the series “TV Characters. The Borgia women” Giulia Farnese (1474 – 23 March 1524) was mistress to Pope Alexander VI. She was known as Giulia la bella, meaning “Julia the beautiful” in Italian. Lorenzo Pucci described her as “most lovely to behold.” Follow me


This is post 2 of 4 in the series “TV Characters. The Borgia women” The Borgia family became prominent during the Renaissance in Italy. They were from Valencia, the name coming from the family fief of Borja, then in the kingdom of Aragon, in Spain. The Borgias became prominent in ecclesiastical and political affairs in […]

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