This is post 6 of 17 in the series “Classic Hollywood actress” What happened, honey?   I hate movie critics!   Why?   They have published a review of my musical and said that I cannot perform at all, I am no actress, I have no acting skills.   Maybe you should learn them?   […]


This is post 5 of 17 in the series “Classic Hollywood actress” Can you believe it?! I got my first role!   Where?   In a musical! I’m going to star in a musical! Oh, my God!   To be continued next Saturday! Follow me


This is post 4 of 17 in the series “Classic Hollywood actress” So, how was your photo shoot?   It was embarrassing at first but then I adjusted.   Good for you! But you’ll have to start getting some roles in a movie.   Yes, I wish I knew how.   Miss, it’s from a […]


This is post 3 of 17 in the series “Classic Hollywood actress” Well, what have you decided?   I will take a look at that calendar shoot today.   What is it?   It’s a calendar for a men’s magazine.   So… you’ll be naked?   Not quite, but almost.   Is your “career” worth […]


This is post 2 of 17 in the series “Classic Hollywood actress” Honey, everyone starts a movie career with a little nudity.     Yes, but porn!   It’s not porn, it’s a little erotica.   No way!     Can you believe it?! They offered me a role in a porno movie as a […]


This is post 1 of 17 in the series “Classic Hollywood actress” I wish I could be an actress!       All men would love me!   and the Oscar goes to..!   This is only a dream for now, but I hope…   To be continued next Saturday! Follow me



This is post 12 of 16 in the series “Wedding fashion” This is the most extravagant and rich dress, I’ve ever designed, except for the royal dresses. It has an unusual amount of cream material, the bride was very generous in her wishes to make the dress unforgettable for the guests on her wedding. Eliza, […]


Barbie’s hair is maybe the most attractive thing for most collectors. I belong to the club, so I’ve decided to show you my hairstyling experiments. I tried to combine the unique style of each doll with the ideas that I had about what their hair should look like. For those who are interested in hairstyling […]


This is post 2 of 29 in the series “Fashion” Hello, everyone! I had a business mood recently and thought that my dolls reflect that, too. Some of them looked like they’ve got a profession, just like us, ordinary people. I chose some professional areas that I thought show the modern woman. Look at my […]


Here is my new collection of Barbie Supermodels. SHE IS a supermodel who: · does not sell herself for her looks · is self-confident · enjoys her beauty but does not take pride in it · only participates in a fashion show where she wears what she likes and not what she is told to […]



This is post 1 of 16 in the series “Wedding fashion” An ideal bride should: not be nervous on her wedding day, invite only those guests who are really happy for her, select the bridal gown that shows her best! Follow me

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