This is post 9 of 29 in the series “Fashion” Scarlett was in a mood for something exotic and she chose this long blue evening dress with some Eastern motive. It suits perfectly her raven hair and her hairstyle is adjusted accordingly. A thin yellow belt around her waist brings up the beauty of this […]



This is post 8 of 29 in the series “Fashion” Mona has always had a perfect sense of style. Today she chose for her work a classic dress which combines black and beige colours and has a little black shawl with three golden roses. The weather conditions are not that important to Mona because she […]



This is post 7 of 29 in the series “Fashion” No matter what kind of holiday you are celebrating there is always a place for a lavish dress. Barbie is no exception here. Everything is appropriate. Everything is beautiful. Everything is special. If it’s a holiday. Follow me



This is post 6 of 29 in the series “Fashion” Every season has its own beauty that should be considered in clothing design. This spring I’m using vivid colours to reflect the inspiring season that makes us eager to wait for the summer. Follow me



This is post 5 of 29 in the series “Fashion” Evening dresses are the most beautiful (except those for the wedding). They show the best of the Barbie’s figure. Every fantasy can be reflected in the beauty of an evening dress! Follow me


This is post 3 of 29 in the series “Fashion” Dear friends! We all more or less like the black colour. It is mysterious, impressive and always suitable if you want to look stylish. Our Barbies look incredible in black, too. Recently I created a small collection of black dresses of different style – evening, […]



This is post 1 of 16 in the series “Wedding fashion” An ideal bride should: not be nervous on her wedding day, invite only those guests who are really happy for her, select the bridal gown that shows her best! Follow me

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