This is post 16 of 17 in the series “Women's fears” Christelle – I cannot stop buying new clothes! It’s impossible. Yesterday I almost bought something I already have! Is it a disease? Violette – No, you are just too emotional. Just look at your wardrobe and find things you are no longer wearing. It […]


This is post 5 of 17 in the series “Classic Hollywood actress” Can you believe it?! I got my first role!   Where?   In a musical! I’m going to star in a musical! Oh, my God!   To be continued next Saturday! Follow me



This is post 2 of 9 in the series “Marriage advice” Invest less in your wedding, but more in your honeymoon. After all, it’s not about feeding other people, but about you both. Follow me


This is post 85 of 117 in the series “Doll biography” Doll biography presents you the history of my every doll – her real name, quality, and, the main thing, the posts she was featuring in on this site! Don’t forget to rate below if you like this doll. Follow me

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