This is post 17 of 17 in the series “Women's fears”   Britney – How can I be so self-confident like you? I envy you! You always know what to do, your never look at what others think of you. How do you do that?   Solange – It’s rather easy. You just have to […]


This is post 9 of 13 in the series “Movie Characters” Cady, Regina, Gretchen and Karen.       Cady is the new girl in high school, Regina is the most popular girl, which does not make her a good person, of course.   She starts manipulating Cady but this game turns against herself later. […]


This is post 15 of 15 in the series “TV Characters” 4 beautiful women – Josslyn, Savannah, Karen and April – all have some significant problems in their past.   Joss still hasn’t had a long-term relationship.   April has a little girl and a husband, who pretended to be dead not to be with […]


This is post 4 of 4 in the series “TV Characters. Queen of Scots against France” These fascinating women had to struggle for life and power in medieval France and England.Mary, Queen of Scots, who briefly became the queen consort of France, Catherine de’Medici, the mother of the French king Francis II, Diane de Poitiers, […]


This is post 1 of 9 in the series “Tudors” The period of the Tudor dynasty in English history is one of the most discussed and most fascinating for many of us. I took some time to recreate the main events of the six wives of Henry VIII and some other women who played a […]

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