This is post 16 of 16 in the series “Wedding fashion” An ideal bride should: not be nervous on her wedding day, invite only those guests who are really happy for her, select the bridal gown that shows her best! Follow me


This is post 10 of 17 in the series “Women's fears” Doris – You know that I’ve been seeing John since forever. I’m afraid he’ll never marry me. Do you think I should get pregnant to make him do that?   Astrid – That is the most foolish thing! What will you do if he […]


This is post 8 of 21 in the series “Barbie Fantasies Life. Layma's birthday” “Is this age so wonderful? Really? I don’t really understand, what she means. You get older!”     “Can you speak quietly? Everyone will hear you. Of course, it’s a good age. You are not old at 30.”     “Well, […]



Today I present to you a photo collection of my favourite actresses who received the Academy Award. I tried to take a look at the whole century and to select the most famous actresses. You will also see in my upcoming photo films that these are my favourite actresses and here you can enjoy their […]

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