Royal wedding. The wedding dress of Kate Middleton


A fabulous wedding took place in London this April. Miss Kate Middleton married the British Prince William. Everyone was so eager to see the wedding dress. After they‘d seen it – everyone agreed that it was perfect!

Today we have a wonderful opportunity to talk to the fashion designer, Lola, who has recently made a copy of this beautiful dress.

Barbie Kate Middleton (6)

Barbie Lola

Astrid: Hello, Lola!

Lola: Hello, Astrid! Here we are again! As I’ve told you in my last interview, I was making another wedding dress after the one of the Princess Viktoria of Sweden. And here it is.

Astrid: I am very eager to see the dress!

Lola: Follow me. We have a model, Florence, who has a striking resemblance to Miss Middleton.

Astrid: Oh, yes! that is true. What can you say about the process? What was the most difficult part of it?

Lola: Well, the hardest thing was the folding of the skirt! It took me two days to make it look natural. It was a lot of work. As we’ve seen on the original, the skirt is folded on the waist, but it isn’t too tight. So, the skirt creates an impression of being light and romantic. I’d have to say that this dress looks simpler than it actually is! There are also no beads, no pearls. There is nothing too sparkly or ostentatious. Just as the Princess wants it to be. There is no message of the Royal superiority, as there was centuries ago.

Astrid: Yes, Lola, you are absolutely right! Nowadays, royal weddings look simpler. The royal brides may go for the perfect fabric but the pattern of the dress in general remains simple. The great example of this we could also see on the Princess Viktoria’s wedding. Times change, so do the royal weddings! I like the fabric of this dress, it looks amazing!

Lola: I spent a lot of time looking for it, though! I needed the material of very good quality but not too showy. It had to create the original form of the skirt at the end. And it wasn’t easy!

Astrid: But you did it, anyway! Thank you so much!

Lola: Thank you for visiting me!

Astrid: Will we enjoy your other creations in the next future?

Lola: I hope you will. There is one other wedding dress that I admire so much and would like to do very soon.

Astrid: What is that?

Lola: Let it be a secret!

Barbie Kate Middleton (1)Barbie Kate Middleton (2)Barbie Kate Middleton (3)Barbie Kate Middleton (4)Barbie Kate Middleton (5)Barbie Kate Middleton (6)Barbie Kate Middleton (7)Barbie Kate Middleton (8)Barbie Kate Middleton (9)Barbie Kate Middleton (10)Barbie Kate Middleton (11)Barbie Kate Middleton (12)Barbie Kate Middleton (13)Barbie Kate Middleton (14)


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