Every marriage, not matter how long it lasts, has its difficulties. We hear very often not very promising statistics about the divorce rates in different countries. It doesn’t look good everywhere. What if you are married, or in a stable long-term relationship and you don’t want to end up at the end of the list […]



This is post 2 of 17 in the series “Pride and Prejudice” Mr. Bennet received a letter from his cousin Mr. Collins, who was the future owner of Longbourn after Mr. Bennets death. He wished to visit the Bennets and in a couple of days he did. Follow me



This is post 1 of 21 in the series “New Year and Christmas” My best wishes to everyone for the year 2012! I am an astrologist and would like to share with you my observations on every sign of the Zodiac. Every sign is unique and special. But we are all different and we all […]



The modern business life is very different from the one we had a century ago. Now we, women, are often in executive positions, we have more power and we rise higher every day according to our ambition. As I am an ambitious woman myself, I can tell you – this is not easy to live […]



If you’ve ever wondered why people are so eager to hear about something bad happening in your life, I can tell you why is it the case. The problem is that our human society is very competitive. Many of us are rather weak creatures and the smartest ones try to overcome it. But not everyone […]



The Barbie’s philosophy section could not exist without our passionate writers who are so eager to share their thoughts with you! Please, meet our journalists: Scarlett will post some articles sharing her life wisdom. Through her past experiences in life, which were not always easy, she learned a great deal about people and developed her […]



This is post 1 of 6 in the series “Biography of the past” This collection shows the most interesting women in history and in literature that I admire the most. In the first part of the collection you can see the wives of the most famous King of England, Henry VIII. His first wife was […]


Dear friends! The most precious part of the Barbie’s body is her face. Follow me

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