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The Barbie’s philosophy section could not exist without our passionate writers who are so eager to share their thoughts with you!

Please, meet our journalists:


Scarlett will post some articles sharing her life wisdom. Through her past experiences in life, which were not always easy, she learned a great deal about people and developed her own idea of how life should be lived.


If you want to know how to escape your troubles at work and achieve greater results and satisfaction listen to Gisele. She has a lot to say on the subject!


There are many wonderful creations of this talented designer published on this site. Lola has a unique sense of style and beauty. If you learn from her, you will always look perfect!


Lady Astrid descends from royalty herself, so she knows a lot about behaving properly in public and can share her great knowledge about the mysterious, charming and magic world of royals from Europe.


Looking at Charleze you would never think that she can ever doubt herself. She is so self-confident. How does she do that? You will learn from her articles on self-esteem.


Even in her childhood Mona was very sociable. She has never missed a party, a conversation and learned a lot about communicating with people. She has a great gift of observing what is going on around her and shares her remarks with you.


Mia was always inspired by astrology and can often predict how the life will go on for a certain sign of the Zodiac. Her valuable observations on what people can do to prevent them from trouble, or how to develop your better nature can help you through life.


Unlike some people, Elaine was never bored at school. Learning something new is her greatest passion. Some might say it’s boring. But it shouldn’t be, says Elaine. The more you learn, the sooner you succeed in life.


Catherine was never good at maths. But she didn’t have to. Her great knowledge and ability to understand and remember many historical events might overwhelm you. Her passionate stories on English history will fascinate you more and more.


Isabella didn’t study art history or fashion design as she might have done. She studies social studies. She is very attentive to social issues and sometimes makes rather harsh remarks on life around us. But if you really listen, you will learn a lot about the society you live in.


No one loves luxury more than Heidi. She is a real spoiled child of the Western culture. Fashion, jewellery, antique furniture an so on… That is her passion!


Simone never misses an opportunity to visit a foreign country. She doesn’t really like spending hours on the beach. She enjoys big cities, crowds, other languages and great national events. Her travels are always cultural and even educational. She will share with you her impressions from the latest travels.

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