One day with rich people. Premiere

One day with rich people. Premiere

Many of us dream of becoming rich, famous and glamorous. These girls here are no exception. They are all quite different but their goal in life mostly focuses on finding the right man and leading a high society lifestyle. We’ll see how they try to manage that.


Here are our heroines:

One day with rich people. Premiere1



Marlene – has been dating a rich guy since recently, wants to marry him. She is romantic but practical, hopes to rely on a man she dates all her life.


One day with rich people. Premiere2


Nelli – works as a nanny for a wealthy family. She is very patient, organised and strict – qualities that help her a lot in life.


One day with rich people. Premiere3


Gemma – psychiatrist working for rich clients. She is a good listener and actually loves her job but she doesn’t want to listen to others’ problems for the rest of her life.


One day with rich people. Premiere4


Latoya – works as an assistant for a large firm, wants to date her boss. She is a career girl who is willing to sacrifice everything for her job. But sometimes she doesn’t know what is more important to her  – career or personal life.


One day with rich people. Premiere5

Manuela – student, dates her fellow student Paul. She is the youngest of all girls but she is not naive or idealistic, she knows her priorities in life and is very self-confident.


Every Saturday from January till the end of June you will see a new episode of the series!

Don’t miss it!

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