Northanger Abbey. Part 94

Northanger Abbey. Eleanor’s happiness

Northanger Abbey 94b (2)

The young people could not be surprised at a decision

like this. They felt and they deplored — but they could not

resent it; and they parted, endeavouring to hope that such

a change in the general, as each believed almost impossi-

ble, might speedily take place, to unite them again in the

fullness of privileged affection. Henry returned to what

was now his only home, to watch over his young planta-

tions, and extend his improvements for her sake, to whose

share in them he looked anxiously forward; and Catherine

remained at Fullerton to cry. Whether the torments of ab-

sence were softened by a clandestine correspondence, let us

not inquire. Mr. and Mrs. Morland never did — they had

been too kind to exact any promise; and whenever Cathe-

rine received a letter, as, at that time, happened pretty often,

they always looked another way.
Northanger Abbey 94a (1)Northanger Abbey 94a (2)Northanger Abbey 94a (3)

The means by which their early marriage was effected can be the only doubt: what probable circumstance could work upon a temper like the general’s? The circumstance which chiefly availed was the marriage of his daughter with a man of fortune and consequence, which took place in the course of the summer — an accession of dignity that threw him into a fit of good humour, from which he did not recover till after Eleanor had obtained his forgiveness of Henry, and his permission for him ‘to be a fool if he liked it!’
Northanger Abbey 94b (1)Northanger Abbey 94b (2)Northanger Abbey 94b (3)

To be continued

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