Northanger Abbey. Part 93

Northanger Abbey. Obstacle

Northanger Abbey 93b

Mr. and Mrs. Morland’s surprise on being applied to by

Mr. Tilney for their consent to his marrying their daughter

was, for a few minutes, considerable, it having never entered

their heads to suspect an attachment on either side; but as

nothing, after all, could be more natural than Catherine’s

being beloved, they soon learnt to consider it with only

the happy agitation of gratified pride, and, as far as they

alone were concerned, had not a single objection to start.

His pleasing manners and good sense were self-evident rec-

ommendations; and having never heard evil of him, it was

not their way to suppose any evil could be told. Goodwill

supplying the place of experience, his character needed no

Northanger Abbey 93a

There was but one obstacle, in short, to be mentioned;

but till that one was removed, it must be impossible for

them to sanction the engagement. Their tempers were

mild, but their principles were steady, and while his parent

so expressly forbade the connection, they could not allow

themselves to encourage it. That the general should come

forward to solicit the alliance, or that he should even very

heartily approve it, they were not refined enough to make

any parading stipulation; but the decent appearance of con-

sent must be yielded, and that once obtained — and their

own hearts made them trust that it could not be very long

denied — their willing approbation was instantly to fol-

low. His consent was all that they wished for. They were no

more inclined than entitled to demand his money. Of a very

considerable fortune, his son was, by marriage settlements,

eventually secure; his present income was an income of in-

dependence and comfort, and under every pecuniary view,

it was a match beyond the claims of their daughter.
Northanger Abbey 93b

To be continued

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