Northanger Abbey. Part 88

Northanger Abbey. The Allens

Northanger Abbey 88d

She was received by the Allens with all the kindness

which her unlooked-for appearance, acting on a steady

affection, would naturally call forth; and great was their

surprise, and warm their displeasure, on hearing how she

had been treated.
Northanger Abbey 88a

Mr. Allen expressed himself on the occasion with the

reasonable resentment of a sensible friend; and Mrs. Allen

thought his expressions quite good enough to be immediate-

ly made use of again by herself. His wonder, his conjectures,

and his explanations became in succession hers, with the

addition of this single remark — ‘I really have not patience

with the general’ — to fill up every accidental pause. And,

‘I really have not patience with the general,’ was uttered

twice after Mr. Allen left the room, without any relaxation

of anger, or any material digression of thought.
Northanger Abbey 88b

‘Only think, my dear, of my having got that frightful great

rent in my best Mechlin so charmingly mended, before I left

Bath, that one can hardly see where it was. I must show it

you some day or other. Bath is a nice place, Catherine, after

all. I assure you I did not above half like coming away. Mrs.

Thorpe’s being there was such a comfort to us, was not it?

You know, you and I were quite forlorn at first.’

‘Yes, but that did not last long,’ said Catherine, her eyes

brightening at the recollection of what had first given spirit

to her existence there.
Northanger Abbey 88c

‘Very true: we soon met with Mrs. Thorpe, and then we

wanted for nothing. My dear, do not you think these silk

gloves wear very well? I put them on new the first time of

our going to the Lower Rooms, you know, and I have worn

them a great deal since. Do you remember that evening?’

‘Do I! Oh! Perfectly.’

‘It was very agreeable, was not it? Mr. Tilney drank tea

with us, and I always thought him a great addition, he is so

very agreeable. I have a notion you danced with him, but am

not quite sure. I remember I had my favourite gown on.’
Northanger Abbey 88d

Catherine could not answer; and, after a short trial of

other subjects, Mrs. Allen again returned to — ‘I really have

not patience with the general! Such an agreeable, worthy

man as he seemed to be! I do not suppose, Mrs. Morland,

you ever saw a better-bred man in your life. His lodgings

were taken the very day after he left them, Catherine. But no

wonder; Milsom Street, you know.’
Northanger Abbey 88e

To be continued

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