Northanger Abbey. Part 87

Northanger Abbey. Reflections

Northanger Abbey 87b

The two houses were only a quarter of a mile apart; and,

as they walked, Mrs. Morland quickly dispatched all that

she felt on the score of James’s disappointment. ‘We are sor-

ry for him,’ said she; ‘but otherwise there is no harm done

in the match going off; for it could not be a desirable thing

to have him engaged to a girl whom we had not the smallest

acquaintance with, and who was so entirely without for-

tune; and now, after such behaviour, we cannot think at all

well of her. Just at present it comes hard to poor James; but

that will not last forever; and I dare say he will be a discreet-

er man all his life, for the foolishness of his first choice.’
Northanger Abbey 87a

This was just such a summary view of the affair as Cathe-

rine could listen to; another sentence might have endangered

her complaisance, and made her reply less rational; for soon

were all her thinking powers swallowed up in the reflection

of her own change of feelings and spirits since last she had

trodden that well-known road. It was not three months ago

since, wild with joyful expectation, she had there run back-

wards and forwards some ten times a day, with an heart

light, gay, and independent; looking forward to pleasures

untasted and unalloyed, and free from the apprehension of

evil as from the knowledge of it. Three months ago had seen

her all this; and now, how altered a being did she return!
Northanger Abbey 87b

To be continued

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