Northanger Abbey. Part 76

Northanger Abbey. Joys of the new friendship

Northanger Abbey 76b (1)

From this time, the subject was frequently canvassed by

the three young people; and Catherine found, with some

surprise, that her two young friends were perfectly agreed

in considering Isabella’s want of consequence and fortune

as likely to throw great difficulties in the way of her marry-

ing their brother.
Northanger Abbey 76a


They were so fully convinced, however, that their brother

would not have the courage to apply in person for his fa-

ther’s consent, and so repeatedly assured her that he had

never in his life been less likely to come to Northanger than

at the present time, that she suffered her mind to be at ease

as to the necessity of any sudden removal of her own.

A day or two passed away and brought no tidings of Cap-

tain Tilney. His brother and sister knew not what to think.

Sometimes it appeared to them as if his silence would be

the natural result of the suspected engagement, and at oth-

ers that it was wholly incompatible with it.
Northanger Abbey 76b (1)Northanger Abbey 76b (2)


To be continued

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