Northanger Abbey. Part 72

Northanger Abbey. Waiting impatiently

Northanger Abbey 72b (4)

Her mind made up on these several points, and her reso-

lution formed, of always judging and acting in future with

the greatest good sense, she had nothing to do but to forgive

herself and be happier than ever; and the lenient hand of time

did much for her by insensible gradations in the course of

another day. Henry’s astonishing generosity and nobleness

of conduct, in never alluding in the slightest way to what

had passed, was of the greatest assistance to her; and sooner

than she could have supposed it possible in the beginning of

her distress, her spirits became absolutely comfortable, and

capable, as heretofore, of continual improvement by any-

thing he said.
Northanger Abbey 72a


The anxieties of common life began soon to succeed to

the alarms of romance. Her desire of hearing from Isabella

grew every day greater. She was quite impatient to know how

the Bath world went on, and how the rooms were attended;

and especially was she anxious to be assured of Isabella’s

having matched some fine netting-cotton, on which she had

left her intent; and of her continuing on the best terms with

James. Her only dependence for information of any kind

was on Isabella. James had protested against writing to her

till his return to Oxford; and Mrs. Allen had given her no

hopes of a letter till she had got back to Fullerton. But Is-

abella had promised and promised again; and when she

promised a thing, she was so scrupulous in performing it!

This made it so particularly strange!
Northanger Abbey 72b (1)Northanger Abbey 72b (2)Northanger Abbey 72b (3)Northanger Abbey 72b (4)Northanger Abbey 72b (5)


To be continued

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