Northanger Abbey. Part 55

Northanger Abbey. The elegance of modern taste

An abbey! Yes, it was delightful to be really in an abbey!

But she doubted, as she looked round the room, whether

anything within her observation would have given her the

consciousness. The furniture was in all the profusion and

elegance of modern taste. The windows, to which she looked

with peculiar dependence, from having heard the general

talk of his preserving them in their Gothic form with rev-

erential care, were yet less what her fancy had portrayed.
Northanger Abbey 55a


The general, perceiving how her eye was employed, be-

gan to talk of the smallness of the room and simplicity of the

furniture, where everything, being for daily use, pretended

only to comfort, etc.; flattering himself, however, that there

were some apartments in the Abbey not unworthy her no-

tice — and was proceeding to mention the costly gilding of

one in particular, when, taking out his watch, he stopped

short to pronounce it with surprise within twenty minutes

of five! This seemed the word of separation, and Catherine

found herself hurried away by Miss Tilney in such a manner

as convinced her that the strictest punctuality to the family

hours would be expected at Northanger.


To be continued

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