Northanger Abbey. Part 54

Northanger Abbey. Entering the Abbey

Northanger Abbey 54b

As they drew near the end of their journey, her impa-

tience for a sight of the abbey — for some time suspended

by his conversation on subjects very different — returned in

full force, and every bend in the road was expected with sol-

emn awe to afford a glimpse of its massy walls of grey stone,

rising amidst a grove of ancient oaks, with the last beams

of the sun playing in beautiful splendour on its high Gothic windows.
Northanger Abbey 54a


She knew not that she had any right to be surprised, but

there was a something in this mode of approach which she

certainly had not expected. To pass between lodges of a

modern appearance, to find herself with such ease in the

very precincts of the abbey, and driven so rapidly along a

smooth, level road of fine gravel, without obstacle, alarm, or

solemnity of any kind, struck her as odd and inconsistent.
Northanger Abbey 54b


She was actually under the abbey walls, was springing,

with Henry’s assistance, from the carriage, was beneath the

shelter of the old porch, and had even passed on to the hall,

where her friend and the general were waiting to welcome

her, without feeling one awful foreboding of future misery

to herself, or one moment’s suspicion of any past scenes of

horror being acted within the solemn edifice.
Northanger Abbey 54c


To be continued

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