Northanger Abbey. Part 51

Northanger Abbey. Milsom Street

Northanger Abbey 51b

Mr. and Mrs. Allen were sorry to lose their young friend,

whose good humour and cheerfulness had made her a valu-

able companion, and in the promotion of whose enjoyment

their own had been gently increased. Her happiness in go-

ing with Miss Tilney, however, prevented their wishing it

otherwise; and, as they were to remain only one more week

in Bath themselves, her quitting them now would not long

be felt.
Northanger Abbey 51a

Mr. Allen attended her to Milsom Street, where she

was to breakfast, and saw her seated with the kindest wel-

come among her new friends; but so great was her agitation

in finding herself as one of the family, and so fearful was she

of not doing exactly what was right, and of not being able

to preserve their good opinion, that, in the embarrassment

of the first five minutes, she could almost have wished to re-

turn with him to Pulteney Street.
Northanger Abbey 51b

Miss Tilney’s manners and Henry’s smile soon did away

some of her unpleasant feelings; but still she was far from

being at ease; nor could the incessant attentions of the gen-

eral himself entirely reassure her. Nay, perverse as it seemed,

she doubted whether she might not have felt less, had she

been less attended to.
Northanger Abbey 51c

To be continued

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