Northanger Abbey. Part 41

Northanger Abbey. The borthers

Northanger Abbey 41d

Isabella’s opinion of the Tilneys did not influence her

friend; she was sure there had been no insolence in the man-

ners either of brother or sister; and she did not credit there

being any pride in their hearts. The evening rewarded her

confidence; she was met by one with the same kindness, and

by the other with the same attention, as heretofore: Miss

Tilney took pains to be near her, and Henry asked her to dance.
Northanger Abbey 41a



Having heard the day before in Milsom Street that their

elder brother, Captain Tilney, was expected almost every

hour, she was at no loss for the name of a very fashionable-

looking, handsome young man, whom she had never seen

before, and who now evidently belonged to their party. She

looked at him with great admiration, and even supposed it

possible that some people might think him handsomer than

his brother, though, in her eyes, his air was more assum-

ing, and his countenance less prepossessing.
Northanger Abbey 41b


His taste and manners were beyond a doubt decidedly inferior;

for, within her hearing, he not only protested against every

thought of dancing himself, but even laughed openly at

Henry for finding it possible.
Northanger Abbey 41c



Catherine, meanwhile, undisturbed by presentiments of such

an evil, or of any evil at all, except that of having but a short set to

dance down, enjoyed her usual happiness with Henry Tilney,

listening with sparkling eyes to everything he said; and, in finding

him irresistible, becoming so herself.
Northanger Abbey 41d



To be continued

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