Northanger Abbey. Part 39

Northanger Abbey. The General

Northanger Abbey 39a

Catherine’s expectations of pleasure from her visit in

Milsom Street were so very high that disappointment was

inevitable; and accordingly, though she was most politely

received by General Tilney, and kindly welcomed by his

daughter, though Henry was at home, and no one else of

the party, she found, on her return, without spending many

hours in the examination of her feelings, that she had gone

to her appointment preparing for happiness which it had not

Northanger Abbey 39a

Instead of finding herself improved in acquaintance with Miss

Tilney, from the intercourse of the day, she

seemed hardly so intimate with her as before; instead of see-

ing Henry Tilney to greater advantage than ever, in the ease

of a family party, he had never said so little, nor been so lit-

tle agreeable; and, in spite of their father’s great civilities to

her — in spite of his thanks, invitations, and compliments

— it had been a release to get away from him. It puzzled her

to account for all this. It could not be General Tilney’s fault.

That he was perfectly agreeable and good-natured, and al-

together a very charming man, did not admit of a doubt, for

he was tall and handsome, and Henry’s father.
Northanger Abbey 39b

To be continued

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