Northanger Abbey. Part 29

Northanger Abbey. Tilneys at the theatre

Northanger Abbey 29b (3)

Dejected and humbled, she had even some thoughts of

not going with the others to the theatre that night; but it

must be confessed that they were not of long continuance,

for she soon recollected, in the first place, that she was with-

out any excuse for staying at home; and, in the second, that

it was a play she wanted very much to see. To the theatre

accordingly they all went; no Tilneys appeared to plague or

please her.
Northanger Abbey 29a

She was not deceived in her own expectation

of pleasure; the comedy so well suspended her care that no

one, observing her during the first four acts, would have

supposed she had any wretchedness about her. On the be-

ginning of the fifth, however, the sudden view of Mr. Henry

Tilney and his father, joining a party in the opposite box,

recalled her to anxiety and distress.
Northanger Abbey 29b (1)Northanger Abbey 29b (2)Northanger Abbey 29b (3)

Every other look upon an average was directed

towards the opposite box; and, for the space of two entire

scenes, did she thus watch Henry Tilney, without being once

able to catch his eye. No longer could he be suspected of in-

difference for a play; his notice was never withdrawn from

the stage during two whole scenes. At length, however, he

did look towards her, and he bowed — but such a bow! No

smile, no continued observance attended it; his eyes were

immediately returned to their former direction.
Northanger Abbey 29c

Catherine was restlessly miserable; she could almost have

run round to the box in which he sat and forced him to hear

her explanation. The play concluded — the curtain fell —

Henry Tilney was no longer to be seen where he had hitherto

sat, but his father remained, and perhaps he might be now

coming round to their box. She was right; in a few minutes

he appeared, and, making his way through the then thinning

rows, spoke with like calm politeness to Mrs. Allen and her


Northanger Abbey 29d

To be continued

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