Northanger Abbey. Part 28

Northanger Abbey. The failed attempt

Northanger Abbey 28d

‘Mrs. Allen,’ said Catherine the next morning, ‘will there

be any harm in my calling on Miss Tilney today? I shall not

be easy till I have explained everything.’

‘Go, by all means, my dear; only put on a white gown;

Miss Tilney always wears white.’
Northanger Abbey 28a

Having made herself perfect in the number Catherine

hastened away with eager steps and a beating

heart to pay her visit, explain her conduct, and be forgiv-

en; tripping lightly through the church-yard, and resolutely

turning away her eyes, that she might not be obliged to see

her beloved Isabella and her dear family, who, she had rea-

son to believe, were in a shop hard by. She reached the house

without any impediment, looked at the number, knocked at

the door, and inquired for Miss Tilney.
Northanger Abbey 28b

The man believed Miss Tilney to be at home, but was not quite

certain. Would she be pleased to send up her name? She gave

her card. In a few minutes the servant returned, and with a look

which did not quite confirm his words, said he had been mistaken,

for that Miss Tilney was walked out. Catherine, with a blush of

mortification, left the house. She felt almost persuaded that Miss

Tilney was at home, and too much offended to admit her; and as

she retired down the street, could not withhold one glance at

the drawing-room windows, in expectation of seeing her

there, but no one appeared at them.
Northanger Abbey 28c (2)

At the bottom of the street, however, she looked back

again, and then, not at a window, but issuing from the

door, she saw Miss Tilney herself. She was followed by

a gentleman, whom Catherine believed to be her father,

and they turned up towards Edgar’s Buildings. Catherine,

in deep mortification, proceeded on her way. She could

almost be angry herself at such angry incivility; but she

checked the resentful sensation; she remembered

her own ignorance.

Northanger Abbey 28d

To be continued

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