Northanger Abbey. Part 24

Northanger Abbey. Waiting

Northanger Abbey 24b

The morrow brought a very sober-looking morning, the

sun making only a few efforts to appear, and Catherine au-

gured from it everything most favourable to her wishes.

At about eleven o’clock, however, a few specks of small

rain upon the windows caught Catherine’s watchful eye,

and ‘Oh! dear, I do believe it will be wet,’ broke from her in

a most desponding tone.
Northanger Abbey 24a

‘I thought how it would be,’ said Mrs. Allen.

‘No walk for me today,’ sighed Catherine; ‘but perhaps it

may come to nothing, or it may hold up before twelve.’

‘Perhaps it may, but then, my dear, it will be so dirty.’

‘Oh! That will not signify; I never mind dirt.’

‘No,’ replied her friend very placidly, ‘I know you never

mind dirt.’

After a short pause, ‘It comes on faster and faster!’ said

Catherine, as she stood watching at a window.
Northanger Abbey 24b

The rain continued — fast, though not heavy. Catherine

went every five minutes to the clock, threatening on each

return that, if it still kept on raining another five minutes,

she would give up the matter as hopeless. The clock struck

twelve, and it still rained.
Northanger Abbey 24c

To be continued

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