Northanger Abbey Part 20

Northanger Abbey. The new acquaintance

Northanger Abbey 20c
Catherine’s resolution of endeavouring to meet Miss

Tilney again continued in full force the next morning.

Miss Tilney met her with great civility,

returned her advances with equal goodwill, and they con-

tinued talking together.
Northanger Abbey 20a

‘How well your brother dances!’ was an artless exclama-

tion of Catherine’s towards the close of their conversation,

which at once surprised and amused her companion.

‘Henry!’ she replied with a smile. ‘Yes, he does dance

very well.’

‘He must have thought it very odd to hear me say I was

engaged the other evening, when he saw me sitting down.

But I really had been engaged the whole day to Mr. Thor-

pe.’ Miss Tilney could only bow. ‘You cannot think,’ added

Catherine after a moment’s silence, ‘how surprised I was to

see him again. I felt so sure of his being quite gone away.’
Northanger Abbey 20b

‘When Henry had the pleasure of seeing you before, he

was in Bath but for a couple of days. He came only to engage

lodgings for us.’

‘That never occurred to me; and of course, not seeing him

anywhere, I thought he must be gone. Was not the young

lady he danced with on Monday a Miss Smith?’

‘Yes, an acquaintance of Mrs. Hughes.’

‘I dare say she was very glad to dance. Do you think her


‘Not very.’

‘Shall you be at the

cotillion ball tomorrow?’

‘Perhaps we — Yes, I think we certainly shall.’
Northanger Abbey 20c

She went home very happy. The morning had answered

all her hopes, and the evening of the following day was now

the object of expectation, the future good. What gown and

what head-dress she should wear on the occasion became

her chief concern. She cannot be justified in it. Dress is at all

times a frivolous distinction, and excessive solicitude about

it often destroys its own aim.
Northanger Abbey 20d

To be continued

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