Northanger Abbey Part 19

Northanger Abbey. Theatre
Northanger Abbey 19b (1)

The Allens, Thorpes, and Morlands all met in the eve-

ning at the theatre; and, as Catherine and Isabella sat

together, there was then an opportunity for the latter to ut-

ter some few of the many thousand things which had been

collecting within her for communication in the immeasur-

able length of time which had divided them. ‘Oh, heavens!

My beloved Catherine, have I got you at last?’ was her ad-

dress on Catherine’s entering the box and sitting by her.
Northanger Abbey 19a (1)Northanger Abbey 19a (2)Northanger Abbey 19a (3)Northanger Abbey 19a (4)

‘Now, Mr. Morland,’ for he was close to her on the other

side, ‘I shall not speak another word to you all the rest of

the evening; so I charge you not to expect it. My sweetest

Catherine, how have you been this long age? But I need not

ask you, for you look delightfully. You really have done your

hair in a more heavenly style than ever; you mischievous

creature, do you want to attract everybody? I assure you,

my brother is quite in love with you already; and as for Mr.

Tilney — but that is a settled thing — even your modesty

cannot doubt his attachment now; his coming back to Bath

makes it too plain. Oh! What would not I give to see him!

Is he in the house now? Look about, for heaven’s sake! I assure

you, I can hardly exist till I see him.’
Northanger Abbey 19b (1)Northanger Abbey 19b (2)

‘No,’ said Catherine, ‘he is not here; I cannot see him


‘Oh, horrid! Am I never to be acquainted with him? How

do you like my gown? I think it does not look amiss; the

sleeves were entirely my own thought. Do you know, I get so

immoderately sick of Bath; your brother and I were agree-

ing this morning that, though it is vastly well to be here for

a few weeks, we would not live here for millions. We soon

found out that our tastes were exactly alike in preferring

the country to every other place; really, our opinions were

so exactly the same, it was quite ridiculous!’
Northanger Abbey 19c (1)Northanger Abbey 19c (2)Northanger Abbey 19d (1)Northanger Abbey 19d (2)Northanger Abbey 19d (3)Northanger Abbey 19d (4)

To be continued

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