Northanger Abbey. Part 1


Northanger Abbey. Who is Catherine Morland?

Northanger Abbey 1g

No one who had ever seen Catherine Morland in her in-

fancy would have supposed her born to be an heroine. Her

situation in life, the character of her father and mother, her

own person and disposition, were all equally against her.

Northanger Abbey 1a




Her father was a clergyman, without being neglected, or

poor, and a very respectable man, though his name was

Richard — and he had never been handsome. He had a con-

siderable independence besides two good livings — and

he was not in the least addicted to locking up his daugh-


Northanger Abbey 1b

Her mother was a woman of useful plain sense, with

a good temper, and, what is more remarkable, with a good

constitution. She had three sons before Catherine was born;

and instead of dying in bringing the latter into the world,

as anybody might expect, she still lived on — lived to have

six children more — to see them growing up around her,

and to enjoy excellent health herself.

Northanger Abbey 1c




A family of ten children will be always called a fine family,

where there are heads and arms and legs enough for the number;

but the Morlands had little other right to the word, for they were

in general very plain, and Catherine, for many years of her life, as plain as any.

Northanger Abbey 1d (1)

She had a thin awkward figure, a sal-

low skin without colour, dark lank hair, and strong features

— so much for her person; and not less unpropitious for

heroism seemed her mind.

Northanger Abbey 1e




She never could learn or understand anything before she was taught;

and sometimes not even then, for she was often inattentive, and

occasionally stupid.

Northanger Abbey 1f

What a strange, unaccountable char-

acter! — for with all these symptoms of profligacy at ten

years old, she had neither a bad heart nor a bad temper, was

seldom stubborn, scarcely ever quarrelsome, and very kind

to the little ones, with few interruptions of tyranny; she was

moreover noisy and wild, hated confinement and cleanli-

ness, and loved nothing so well in the world as rolling down

the green slope at the back of the house. Such was Catherine Morland at ten.

Northanger Abbey 1g





To be continued

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