News from the Barbie world

There are so many incredibly talented Barbie designers, bloggers and just regular Barbie collectors on the web! I always enjoy to see their new creations of every kind and find it necessary for my site to publish some of them, to show you once again how rich and endless is the world of Barbie.  I am registered on Flickr (the best photo-sharing site) and have found there many exciting pictures of other Barbie collectors that are worth your attention.


News from the Barbie world

My Melody Steffie Barbie

Fashion by Gwendolyn’s Treasures

I see this picture as a tribute to the last winter. Some regions of the world had really snowy days and this Barbie represents one of the most beautiful outfits which is so infinitely feminine, stylish and warm.

See more here.

News from the Barbie world1

Alex Blas Spring 2011 Collection

The very inspiring collection from Alex Blas represented by our favourite Barbie Basics girls. They look like a vision in everything but the outfits of this quality brings up their beauty so much more!

See here more of the collection.

News from the Barbie world2

Model Muse

Tsuki Chan amazes me every time with his own handmade fashions. They have so many little details that are almost invisible if you look closely but together make such a great picture of the doll. Every dress is individual and exclusive. It’s just perfect!

See more here.

News from the Barbie world3

Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned

“Cordelia quickly tired of older billionaire husband John’s jealousy and wanted out of the marriage. All she wanted out of the deal was her best bud, Chester. All John wanted out of the deal was his best bud, Chester.

I guess dog truly is man’s best friend…….”

The funnies Barbie picture ever! More.


I will look for more other wonderful sources to share with you!

Your little birdie,


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