News from the Barbie world

Every month I come across so many amazing pictures on Flickr. As always, I try to give you an idea of them in my little articles. Click on the pictures to view them in the original size and see who they belong to. Enjoy!


News from the Barbie world

My favourite bride

By Daniel Rocha

This exceptional photo is one of my favourites this month. Daniel has captured the perfect angle of the doll! We see the dress but it’s not too white, which often happens when you make photos of some white materials.
News from the Barbie world1

The most professional one

By Angelika (dangeldoll)

Angelika published this absolute perfection. Another opportunity to see that Barbie is art!
News from the Barbie world2

The perfect hair

By Matthew (Matt ²)

This cutie has the most beautiful hair and it is perfectly shown on this picture!
News from the Barbie world3

Perfectly solved hair problem

By Deon (DEON DEE)

See Deon’s advice on how to handle the problematic hair of this doll. Her original hair is quite frizzy and Deon suggests a few tips how to make it look better. Thank you, Deon!

Aren’t these guys amazing?!

I remind you – these photos are under copyright! Do not republish them. If you want to, contact the owners. You can see their profile on their Flickr accounts by clicking here onto the photos.



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