News from the Barbie world

This month has presented many interesting photos that I came across on Flickr. These my favourites, made by my Flickr friends.

Take a look!


TAG GAME: Princess! by Partymonstrrrr

One of the most original ideas for a tag game and the outfit is wonderful! Click on the picture to view more.

VERSWINBLACK by barbieman76

Stunning eyes! Nothing more I can add, everything speaks for itself, right?

Click on the picture to view more.

By dolls4fun

This is how we can learn to use special effects! Amazing!

Click on the picture to view more.

Wedding season POPPY PARKER by DsDivas

I love the photos of DsDivas because they are always of perfect quality! Here I like not only the dress, but also the veil is incredible and the mirror adds a beautiful miraculous effect to the girl!

Click on the picture to view more.

Gloria bar by BarbieFantasy

One of my Flickr friends, BarbieFantasy (almost my namesake!) has managed, while being a little ill, to create this magnificent piece. To know more how Susan did it click on the picture. We hope to see more of your beautiful creations, Susan!

Barbie reroot by SeloJ Spa

It’s one of the most incredible reroots ever! Since it’s Jon’s specialty, I guess, it’s not surprising, right? Click on the picture to see more.

Flickr is my favourite community, having the highest number of Barbie collectors. I strongly recommend you to join it if you’re interested in collecting Barbie.

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