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There are so many incredibly talented Barbie designers, bloggers and just regular Barbie collectors on the web! I always enjoy to see their new creations of every kind and find it necessary for my site to publish some of them, to show you once again how rich and endless is the world of Barbie.  I am registered on Flickr (the best photo-sharing site) and have found there many exciting pictures of other Barbie collectors that are worth your attention. The big community of Barbie collectors is also to be found on Doll Observers and they have amazing stuff to show off!


Tarina Tarantino Reroot

by Danielle Kempke

“This reroot has been under way for quite some time now. Like… a year, at first she was going to be a brunette, I got halfway done, and it just wasn’t working, her head had torn, the brown was too bland, blah blah. So I pulled the plug on the brown, tore everything out, did some patch work on her pretty little head, and started over using Raven black, I rooted her eyelashes with some leftover Nylon Midnight Blue I still had, seems like I found something Nylon hair is good for, it’s stiff enough to pull off nice eyelashes on a doll, and who doesn’t love blue lashes? Anyway, this is the new Tarina. Hope you ♥ her!”

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Mbili by Dollust

An amazing picture with a very beautiful look of the doll!

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First Attempt at shoes for Tonner 16 inch dolls.

by Rebecca Pettigrew.

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Isabelle news

I will look for more other wonderful sources to share with you!

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