My Ethics

My Ethics

work ethic

1. I only provide content that I find interesting and worth Your attention

2. I am constantly trying to improve my skills in photography and make Barbie photos of the best possible quality

3. If I befriend You online (on various social networks) I really am Your friend. I will retweet, share or comment on your site, recommend Your content to others, or, at least, read it. I am not a fan of useless “friend-adding” – because it does not have a real value for either of us and will eventually fade out, anyway

4. I try to make my tweets as valuable as possible. You’ll never see any unnecessary and boring remarks on my tweeting wall. I also don’t tweet EVERY second because I know You’ll get tired of it

5. Barbie – is a piece of art for me, It develops my hidden talents, wishes and helps to connect with other Barbie collectors, who usually feel the same way!

6. My dream – is to hear from You some day that my site helps You to relax after a stressful day and feel better while looking at my creations!

My Motto:

CrEaTiViTy HaS nO LiMiTs!


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