Movie Characters. The Devil wears Prada (2006)

Devil wears Prada

Emily, Andy and Miranda.


Devil wears Prada1

Andy is a young, ambitious graduate who applies for a job as an assistant in a popular fashion magazine.


Devil wears Prada2

Emily is her colleague, she is ambitious and mean to Andy.


Devil wears Prada3

When Emily and Andy get an task to do Andy usually is the one who is doing it.


Devil wears Prada4

Emily tries to impress Miranda but she loses her position to Emily who is the only one who can please her boss.


Devil wears Prada5

Miranda is cold, distant and very controlling, her job is everything to her and her family never see her. That’s why she struggles through another divorce. Looking at all that Emily sees the real price of successful career and, fortunately for her, changes her life priorities!

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