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right career choiceEveryone knows that it is very difficult today to find a job. No matter how good you are, how great your grades look – you always have some competition around just because there are too many applicants. I met many people who are desperately looking for a good job and are not finding one. It is sad. I know, but there are some things you should know before you get upset.

There is always a way out! There are two general situations in which you might find yourself today.

Situation 1.

You are a fresh professional, with years of education, maybe even internships, and good grades in your diploma. Having all this, you still find it difficult to find your job. Why is it so? Well, either you don’t have enough connections and not enough people know you to offer you the position, or you are simply not good enough. Either way – it is no catastrophe. If you don’t have enough people that would love to hire you, start communicating. And it should happen everywhere – your neighbours, your former classmates, Internet and so on. If you are the one looking for a job, don’t snob anyone. You never know when those people might become useful to you.

If you haven’t acquired the necessary knowledge in your field – start doing it today. Learn every day something new. I know what you might say to that: “Haven’t I learned enough at my university?” Well, obviously – no. Either you had bad grades, or the knowledge wasn’t that useful. Both happens very often. The academic education is very often too abstract and theoretical, and without any practical tools for your future career. Remember: everything you need lies before you – you just have to take it. You can learn everything on your own. Or someone might help you. Don’t be too proud and ask people for help – it makes them feel necessary. It’s a good thing!

Situation 2.

You are not that young anymore. You recently got fired, or lost your job because of other circumstances. Here you’ll have to decide, whether you want to continue the path of this profession (if you were successful at it before), or you might start thinking about changing the field. The last thing might seem scary, but in fact, can turn out to be the best one.

If you want to go on working in the field you might consider “updating” your existing knowledge, especially, if you are not young. Older people find it more difficult to fit in in the new professional circumstances and their age can be a problem. But you can show that you are still up and about and, more importantly, you know the things that no one knows. This is the only thing that can help you win against the young and handsome jobseekers – they just don’t have your experience. So, start learning today. Take part in seminars, read books and so on. You never know when it will help you.

If you are brave enough (doesn’t equal to “stupid”) you have the whole range of all possible careers to choose from. Even if you are not happy with the existing jobs, you might create a new one. Of course, you will need some creativity. But who told you that life was easy? If you want to choose something new, think through how much time and money will it take to learn it. If it will take a half of your life – it isn’t worth it. Take into consideration everything about the new profession and don’t be superficial. Believe me, we know very little about a job when we haven’t done it ourselves. It is one thing to hear something about it in the news and a very different one – to plunge in it ourselves one day. You never know what is it exactly until you start it yourself. Then you’ll be able to see all pros and cons. Don’t rely on stereotypes that all managers are under high stress and all teachers have long holidays. Better ask them if it is true and be sure that you hear very different answers! This way will help you to make your own opinion about the job.

Finding a completely new profession might be amazing! Yes, you don’t know if it will “sell well” but, on the other hand, you have no competition. And this one is a very hard enemy nowadays. If you make a good business plan and consider many possible difficulties the success will eventually end up on your side. Take the necessary steps today, don’t rely much on stereotypes that you should have a secured income provided by a large firm and bla, bla, bla. This large firm might end up bankrupt tomorrow and will not care how you will survive it. Or someone might do something against you at work and you will get fired. You never know what can happen when you depend on other people! So, be your own guide in this amusing thing that we call “life”!

I am always on your side!

Your business advisor,


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