Lucrezia Borgia. The famous Roman beauty

Lucrezia Borgia (3)Lucrezia Borgia is one of the most powerful and interesting historical personalities in the world. Many scholars are still trying to uncover the secrets of her life. Some events are not proven to be true up to this day, but they continue to fascinate and captivate the minds of history lovers around the world. Let’s look at the most known facts of her life, which are illustrated with a new set of clothes that I have recently made for my dearest Lucrezia doll.

She is described as having heavy blonde hair that fell past her knees, a beautiful complexion, hazel eyes that changed color, a full, high bosom, and a natural grace that made her appear to “walk on air”. These physical attributes were highly appreciated in Italy during that period. Another description said, “her mouth is rather large, the teeth brilliantly white, her neck is slender and fair, and the bust is admirably proportioned.”

Lucrezia Borgia (1) Lucrezia Borgia (2) Lucrezia Borgia (3) Lucrezia Borgia (4) Lucrezia Borgia (5)

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