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Barbie Top Model Doll Summer

Doll biography presents you the history of my every doll – her real name, quality, and, the main thing, the posts she was featuring in on this site! Don’t forget to rate below if you like this doll.

Barbie Top Model Doll Summer

Original name: Barbie Top Model Doll Summer

Hair: golden

Eyes: green

About her: the girl, whose hair is perfect for any kind of hairstyle! Very cute Steffie face and a quite self-confident look.

Click on the links below to see where she features in:

Barbie Wedding Collection

Racecourse hats

Exclusive hairstyles

Your beautiful eyes

United colors of Barbie

Pop singers

Pride and Prejudice. By Jane Austen. PREMIERE

Season Fashion

History of fashion. Regency era

Aries. An astrological portrait

Wedding Fashion. Lucille’s royal train

One Year Anniversary of Barbie Fantasies!

Fantasy in pencil

TV characters. Desperate Housewives

Merry Christmas 2012

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